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10 Reasons you need to come to Create Studios

Create Studios is a creative Arts and Carafes edu~tainment space for both the artistic and not so artistic.

  1. It is something fun and new. 
  2. You can learn a new skill
  3. You need to wind down after a long day's work with something inspired. 
  4. You can explore your artistic side. 
  5. The act of creating art and crafts can be a great stress reliever. 
  6. Art helps give clarity of thought and positive feelings about yourself. 
  7. Creating art distracts you from what is stressing you. 
  8. The act of creating is a mild form of meditation 
  9. Having a hobby can give balance to your life.
  10. Because your deserve it!

Chose from numerous artistic and creative projects. From etching and painting to jewelry making and stain glass mosaics.