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New Classes at Create Studios

Classes at Create Studios

Design your Own Etched Wine Glasses

Choose from a variety of designs such as fleur de lis', hearts, polka dots, paw prints and more! 
You will learn the process for etching glass, how to make your own stencils, and leave knowing how to create more! 
* Class begins promptly at the time indicated.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to get set up.
Glass styles may vary depending on availability. 
Check dates and Register here-

*NEW* Pop Art Your Pet

Oct 5, 2013
16" x 20"
Pop art employs aspects of mass culture, such as advertising, comic books and mundane cultural objects.  Andy Warhol is probably the most famous figure in Pop Art. 
The painting will consist of 4 panes with bright pop art colors. Not only will you paint this personalized painting in class, but I will show you the simple steps to make more later.  
Send us an image of your pet ASAP and no later than 72 hours prior to the class for your own pop art outline of your own pet to complete in class.
* Class begins promptly at the time indicated.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to get set up. Cl
ass is $50-$65
Register here-

*NEW* Pop Art Mike the Tiger
Sept. 21, 2013
Nov. 16, 2013
16" x 20"
The painting will consist of 4 panes of Mike the Tiger with bright pop art colors. 
Everyone brings their own "partakables". (wine, beer, cocktails, etc...)  
BYOB class.
Must be 21 to drink

Class is only 1- 3 hour class.

Class is $40.00 adult and $35.00 for 17 and under.
* Class begins promptly at the time indicated.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to get set up
Register here-

Mosaic Stained Glass

Sept. 14, 2013
Learn to make a mosaic stained glass work of art!  You will learn the process and all supplies are included in the price.
There are several patterns to choose from, but most chose the Fleur de lis.  
Class is only $50.00 including supplies!
glass styles may change from photo based on availability
Please arrive by the start time because this class is a full 3 hours.
Check dates and Register here-

Etch Your Heart Out!

Dec 7, 2013
The Etch Your Heart Out! party gives each attendee access to etch cream, dies, sizzix die cutting machines and stencil materials.  You bring in whatever glass items you want to etch and have 3 hours to Etch Your Heart Out!  Come in and knock out some Christmas presents! It's a chance to gather with old friends and to make new ones. Pack up your supplies and join us for the opportunity to chit-chat and catch up on your etching.
Note: This event does not cover an etch lesson. It is a work at your own pace etch session.
Attendees should have an understanding of the etching process. Instructors will be on hand for assistance, but will not be conducting a training session.
So rather than going out and purchasing all the stencils and dies (one die can run that high!), just sign up for this event and make all your Christmas gifts!!
To attend the event is only $30.00, this includes etch cream and use of the die cuts. You supply the glass and contact paper.

10 Reasons you need to come to Create Studios

Create Studios is a creative Arts and Carafes edu~tainment space for both the artistic and not so artistic.

  1. It is something fun and new. 
  2. You can learn a new skill
  3. You need to wind down after a long day's work with something inspired. 
  4. You can explore your artistic side. 
  5. The act of creating art and crafts can be a great stress reliever. 
  6. Art helps give clarity of thought and positive feelings about yourself. 
  7. Creating art distracts you from what is stressing you. 
  8. The act of creating is a mild form of meditation 
  9. Having a hobby can give balance to your life.
  10. Because your deserve it!

Chose from numerous artistic and creative projects. From etching and painting to jewelry making and stain glass mosaics.